Real Estate Photos


I provide high-quality yet affordable real estate photography.  My service is available in two quality levels -  Standard HDR (High Dynamic Range) images and Professional Lighted images.  At no extra cost I provide TV and Fireplace swaps, and when needed, sky swaps as well for both levels.  I also provide twilight shoots as well to show the serenity and grandeur of your listings.   You will receive high resolution edited photographs ready to upload to the MLS.  Photographs are delivered within 24 hours. Contact me for more info.

Standard HDR


My Standard HDR shoot is a process where I capture 3 images, one underexposed, one overexposed and one properly exposed.  This process, known as bracketing, allows me to get detail in both highlights and shadows by combining all of the bracketed images into one final image during post-production.  This results in a high quality image that captures the full tonal range of the scene.  Contact me for more info.

Real Estate Photos - Professional Lighting


In my Professional Lighting Package, I use studio lighting to ensure accurate colors, dimension, and views.  This process is more labor intensive and takes more time in Post-Processing.   This process results in an image where the colors throughout the scene are more accurate and uniform and without the color contrasts that are due to different levels of ambient light.  Contact me for more info.

Real Estate Photos - Twilights


For my Twilight Package, I will make a separate trip to the home in the evening before sunset.  I'll capture a couple of special images at the exact moment of dusk when the interior and exterior accent lighting matches the brightness of the ambient light beyond sunset.  Sky replacement included if conditions warrant.  You will receive up to 4 Twlight Photos, 2 Front Exterior & 2 Rear Exterior, edited and ready for the MLS.  Contact me for more info.

Drone Photography & Video


I provide high quality Real Estate aerial photography and video services.  I am a FAA Licensed and insured UAS pilot.  My Drone Photography & Video packages will highlight the entire property, giving you a sky high view of the home and surrounding areas.  You will receive 6 edited aerial photographs or a 60 minute video depending on the package chosen.   Photographs and video are delivered within 24 hours.  Contact me for more info.

Property Videos


I provide high quality Real Estate property videos.  I combine stunning drone video with smooth, stabilized handheld footage to create  an immersive experience for buyers.  Interior footage shot in 1080P with a wide angle lens on gimbal for stabilization.   Exterior & Aerial footage shot in 1080P with a Drone.  Final video is edited to music.  Videos will be between 1 and 3 minutes.  Videos are delivered within 24 hours.  Contact me for more info.